Where's Santa Now? Available Now!

This year we are donating a portion of all the proceeds from this single to P.A.I.N. (Preventing Abuse in Neighborhoods) a National 501 (c)3 Charity based in Tampa, FL. 

 The P.A.I.N. foundation is an organization dedicated to bringing a heightened awareness to the problems of Bullying, Human Trafficking, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence. All members encourage and support music and film that brings awareness to these issues. They also support strategies for the prevention of abuse through local organizations and shelters. Helping women transition from safe home to the work force, the P.A.I.N. foundation reaches out to families who struggle with this issue throughout the United States because every 8 seconds someone is being abused.

You can find more information about the charity at http://www.unmaskingthepainwithin.com


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