Southbound 75 is Old Dominion meets Keith Urban with the guitars turned up; the assembly was a brainstorm encouraged by the late Bill Scull (a prominent radio promotion vet known for his work alongside Clive Davis).

The five-member band [made up of Mark Lorenzo (lead vocals/acoustic guitar), Justin Pietrowski (lead guitar), Vance Eskesen (bass), Jessee Allen Porter (fiddle) and Gregg Giacobbe on drums], formed in 2018 and has quickly made a name for itself with show dates spanning throughout Florida and across the Midwest.

As an early testament to the authenticity, talent and promising career forecast for the Florida-based group, the must-see, worth-the-price-of-admission, powerhouse of musicians and vocalists was recognized as “Best New Country Band” by the Tampa Bay Musicians Network, 2023 Country Band of the Year by the Mississippi Music Foundation and has been spotlighted on The Country Network and

Mark Lorenzo’s songs have been featured on various television shows, sports programming, cartoons, DVDs and more including: “ESPN College Football,” “Shark” (CBS); “90210” (CW), “Threshold” (CBS), “Girlfriends” (CW) and “3lbs” on (CBS). Southbound 75 is endorsed by Taylor Guitars, Gone Country Hats, Red Monkey Accessories, Bosphorus Cymbals & Scorpion Drumsticks.