Interview with Southbound 75

The Hernando Sun

Seen on The Country Network, Today in Nashville and, Southbound 75 performs throughout the state of Florida and far beyond. This weekend, Southbound 75 is coming to Brooksville on Friday, April 12, when they will perform at Brooksville Main Street’s Friday Night Live, 6:30-9:30 p.m., under the bandshell at Hernando Park, 205 E. Fort Dade Ave., historic downtown Brooksville.

Mark Lorenzo, lead singer of Southbound 75, is excited to be making a return to one of his favorite places to play. “When you travel all over the country, playing some incredible venues, and still remember the first time you played the Blueberry Festival in Brooksville, you know something about that town is special,” said Lorenzo. “That was a great day, and we still talk about how much fun the crowd was. So, you know we are going to play in Brooksville any time we can make it happen. We are very thankful, and we can’t wait until Friday Night Live!”


Southbound 75 is known for songs and recordings such as “That Summer,” “Tales from the Black Swamp,” “Spilled Champagne” and “Missing Carolina.” They have performed at prestigious venues such as The Ryman Concert Series, Wildhorse Saloon, NBC’s “Today in Nashville,” the renowned “Whiskey Jam,” and at special events such as WQYK’S Guitar Pull, The New Country 103.1 Rib Round-Up, The Field Of Dreams Country Festival, and the upcoming High Seas Rally Cruise.

“When you come to a Southbound 75 show, expect to sing, move and leave in a good mood,” Lorenzo said. “We make sure that we give everyone a big concert experience. We are technically a country band, but we play rock, pop—basically any songs that people already know well.”


In Lorenzo’s eyes, a Southbound 75 show is a one-of-a-kind experience. “It’s like seeing your favorite national act in concert, but it’s personal enough to feel like you can dance, sing along and hang out with the band,” he said.

Sharing the stage with famous artists like Bailey Zimmerman, Lainey Wilson, Jordan Davis, Jimmy Allen, and Chase Matthews, Southbound 75 has seen substantial airplay of their latest single, “That Summer,” in the United States on the syndicated show “New Country Brew” and internationally on the X Sussex Country Show, among other stations. The song has climbed to the top 20 on the UK charts.

Nate Smith, guitarist, would love for Southbound 75 to become everyone’s favorite band.
“We are having fun doing what we do, and we want that to convey to everyone that hears our music—either live or just listening to our original songs at home,” said Smith. “We just want to be your new favorite band.”

Their latest full-length release, “Tales From The Black Swamp” (The Orchard), has been hailed as “one of the year’s standout albums” by Country Music International. Three of the band’s videos have premiered on The Country Network, and tracks like “Spilled Champagne” and “Missing Carolina” have been added to “Spilled Champagne” was featured on CMT’s prestigious “The Roundup” playlist on Spotify, alongside releases by industry heavyweights like Old Dominion, Carrie Underwood, and Hardy. Additionally, the single has already received widespread airplay on 50 US Music Row/Indicator/Non-Reporter Stations.

Justin Pietrowski, guitarist, feels that the band maintains a fun, light atmosphere at shows. “We joke with each other, keep it light, have a ton of fun, and focus on showing everyone a good time and drawing everyone in to want to do the same,” said Pietrowski.

Vance Eskesen, bass guitarist, feels privileged to be a part of a popular, much-beloved band. “They can expect to see five guys that genuinely care about the quality of the music; that are grateful/blessed to be doing what makes them happy and to be able to share the experience,” he said. “We know that the audience has the option to go and see anyone they wish, but they should choose to come see us.”

Blake Russell, drummer, added, “What do you expect when you see Southbound 75? Have you heard of miracles? Well, come to a Southbound 75 show and watch those miracles happen.”

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Discovery: Southbound 75

It can be hard to make waves as a newcomer to the country scene, but Southbound 75 have managed it perfectly. The band have made their mark in the heart of country music (Tennessee) and they show no signs of slowing down on their new single, Runnin’ On Empty.

By Jane Howkins

Runnin’ On Empty is as much a rock song as it is a country banger, mixing the two genres together with ease. It starts out with a huge groovy riff that carries through most of the track, backed up by a cool rhythm section. The vocals have a country twang that suits the style of music well, creating an anthemic singalong quality on the chorus, which will have you dancing along in no time. Add in an awesome guitar solo towards the end, and you’ve got a band sure to hit the bigtime!


Indie Strong Magazine

Southbound 75 has unleashed a beast of a single.  "Runnin' On Empty" is a perfect modern country song.  With its relatable lyrics and super polished rock production this song could easily fit between any current chart toppers from today's country radio.  If you are a fan of Old Dominion and Jason Aldean you are going to need to add this new single to your playlists.  

Along with their perfect production and great imagery, Southbound 75 delivers the entire package.  Cool vibe, great look, high energy shows, and a stellar new video for their song, "Spilled Champagne."  Clearly the band has a great team behind them to help showcase their abundant talent and creative content.  

Don't miss the chance to hear great music and a become an early fan of a household name in the making.

Southbound 75 Deconstructs The American Dream with “Running on Empty”

Lifoti Magazine

Southbound 75 Strikes a Chord with "Running On Empty": A Heartfelt Anthem Reflecting the Realities of the American Dream. Hailing from the heart of country music, Southbound 75 is a band known for their authentic sound and compelling storytelling. With a fusion of traditional country elements and contemporary production, they continue to captivate audiences with their soulful performances and thought-provoking lyrics. "Running On Empty" is the latest addition to their impressive discography, showcasing their dedication to authenticity and musical craftsmanship.


Renowned for their authentic country sound, Southbound 75 takes center stage once again with the release of their latest single, "Running On Empty." This emotionally charged track delves into the fading promises of the American Dream, presenting a compelling narrative wrapped in raw emotion and resonant lyrics.

Listen Now “Running on Empty”

"Running On Empty" opens with a haunting melody, inviting listeners on a poignant journey through disillusionment and hardship. Lead singer Mark Lorenzo's soulful vocals immediately establish a connection, conveying a sense of longing and vulnerability that defines the essence of the song.

Lyrically, the track paints a vivid picture of struggle and perseverance in the face of adversity. Themes of economic hardship, shattered dreams, and the relentless pursuit of a better life resonate profoundly in today's socio-political climate. Southbound 75 skillfully captures the zeitgeist, offering a poignant commentary on the challenges many Americans face.


Photography of Southbound 75

Musically, Southbound 75's signature blend of traditional country instrumentation and contemporary production creates a dynamic backdrop for the song's powerful message. From the driving rhythm section to the plaintive cry of the electric guitar, every element of "Running On Empty" contributes to its evocative atmosphere.

Listen Now “Running on Empty”

"Running On Empty" is not merely a song; it's a heartfelt reminder of the harsh realities of inequality and economic uncertainty. Southbound 75 has crafted more than just a captivating musical experience; they've created a thought-provoking commentary on the state of the American Dream.

As the band continues to make waves in the country music scene, "Running On Empty" solidifies Southbound 75's position as a powerhouse of authenticity and storytelling. The single is available on all major streaming platforms, providing fans with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the profound narrative and evocative soundscape that Southbound 75 has masterfully crafted.

Southbound 75’s “Running on Empty”: When the American Dream Runs on Fumes

The Bridge Mag

Country music has long served as a soundtrack for the American Dream, chronicling stories of hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of a better life. But Southbound 75’s latest single, “Running on Empty,” injects a dose of reality, questioning whether that dream is still attainable for everyone. The song opens with a weary guitar riff, setting the tone for a narrator feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. The lyrics paint a picture of struggling to make ends meet, working long hours for little reward, and feeling trapped in a cycle of just getting by. The song captures the disillusionment felt by many grappling with economic hardship.

“Running on Empty” isn’t simply a lament about personal struggles, though. It’s a broader commentary on the American Dream itself. Southbound 75 doesn’t offer easy answers, but “Running on Empty” serves as a powerful reminder that the American Dream isn’t a guarantee. It’s a song that will likely resonate with anyone who feels like they’re just trying to keep their head above water in an increasingly challenging world.


Southbound 75 Present “Running On Empty” After Success of “Spilled Champagne”

Scope Magazine

Southbound 75 captures a slice of contemporary Americana in the soulful “Runnin’ On Empty.” Lyrics matter. They use a concise word choice to describe people’s struggles– putting their whole lives into work without having time for anything else. Arrangement-wise, they kick up a storm, with the driving rhythm as a perfect counterpart to the vocal delivery. With an anthem for the working class, they reveal what it means to scrape by. Detail is essential to the experience, letting the song explore everything that keeps people down.

From the first moment, they kick things into high gear. How they let the sound build adds to the journey they take the listener on. A degree of sympathy is shown for those barely making ends meet, as every single cost increases while there’s no requisite increase in pay. With this crunch, the sense of hopelessness comes closer to the listener, allowing a swirling colossus. Interplay amongst the group adds to the sheer power, with the instrumentation feeling fantastic as it gets increasingly more muscular. Multi-faceted and multi-layered adds to the sense of enormity, helping to highlight the main message. Everything about it has this sense of universality, with the song transforming into a sheer wall of sound, crashing over the listener in a pitch-perfect fashion as it comes together in one final rush.

A stately, arena-filling sound radiates throughout “Runnin’ On Empty” as Southbound 75 shows something so often overlooked –how many people are overworked, overwhelmed, and burnt out.